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I’m halfway through one month of classpass and so far, I love it! Ever since I joined track in high school (I sucked at every other sport because my hand-eye coordination is appalling), my daily exercise has consisted of running outside. It got way too cold to run outside after the end of August, however, and that’s when I stopped exercising altogether. I contemplated getting a monthly gym membership but didn’t think the monthly fee was worth it unless I went almost every day (which wouldn’t happen because I often work late hours).

Introducing classpass, the solution to all my exercise problems! Classpass is similar to a gym membership, but it’s mainly for various types of exercise classes. By paying a monthly fee, you get access to a set number of classes offered at gyms and studios in your city. You can even choose a class in a different city if you happen to be traveling on the weekend and still want to get a work out in. My favorite part about classpass is its flexibility. If I don’t like a particular studio, I can simply choose another one. It also allows me to try out different types of classes so I can learn which ones I like the best. I’ve never taken an exercise class before so I really liked how classpass gave me the opportunity to learn more about them.

I took advantage of the January promotion aimed at new year’s resolutioners, and got 50% off my first three months. I chose the five class per month option so right now, I’m paying $30 a month or $6 per class. Usually, an exercise class is way more expensive than that, so I’m pretty satisfied. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep the membership after my three months is up, but we shall see.

Below are the list of classes I’ve been to so far:

  1. Triple 20 @ Fit Results

My first class ever was at Fit Results! This class alternates between intervals of cycling, rowing, and ab/strength training. During the beginning, I thought the exercises were pretty easy, but it really gets to you towards the end of the second repetition. It was the first time I had a legit workout in a little over three months, and I was soo sore for the next two days. One thing I want to mention is that Fit Results is just one large room with cubbies in one corner and weights in another (don’t make the same mistake I did and try looking for a front door on the other side of the building). Everyone there was super friendly and helpful (instructors show every move beforehand so don’t be afraid if you don’t know any exercise terms or names of activities!) Overall, this was a solid workout.

2. Cycle 60 @ Studio Three

This was another first for me because this was my first cycling class. In my opinion, this is the best place for first-timers because everyone is super accommodating. Five minutes into the workout, a staff member noticed I didn’t have a towel on my bike (I was running late so I didn’t have time to grab water or a towel), and came over to ask if I wanted one. I told him yes and also asked where the water fountain was. He started to point in the direction of the fountain outside the room but then he offered to fill it up for me because he didn’t want me to disturb my workout (I had already started cycling). It was super thoughtful and nice of him, and I was extremely touched. A small gesture goes a long way for me (I know, I’m a sap). This was another great workout and included both cycling and weights.

3. Fly 45 @ Flywheel

I did my second cycling class at Flywheel, a studio located at River North. This place felt a little more cramped than Studio Three, and I noticed that the bikes weren’t as comfortable. There was definitely more people at this place (or maybe it’s because I went on a weekday after work whereas I went to Studio Three on a weekend?), and the bikes were a lot closer together than they were at Studio Three. I still got a great workout in, but compared to my overall experience at Studio Three, I would definitely choose it over Flywheel.

For my next class, I’m thinking about trying barre or yoga (a little hesitant because I’m super inflexible…). Any thoughts?


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